Common Service Centre

Common Service Centre

The Common Service Centers (CSCs) scheme in Himachal Pradesh proposes to establish 3366 CSCs at Panchayat level in the State. The scheme envisions CSCs as the front-end delivery points for Government, Private and Social Sector services to rural citizens at their doorsteps, in an integrated manner using Information and Communication Tools (ICT). Currently HPSCB is acting as the new SCA for the Lokmitra Kendra (LMK) project and services are being provided through HPSCB and Apna CSC payment gateway.

Presently CSCs + LMK are operational and providing services such as:

  • Collection of HPSEB electricity bill.
  • IPH water bill.
  • Issuance of copy of Nakal Jamabandi (Land Records).
  • HRTC Bus Ticket Booking.
  • E-Aadhaar Printing.
  • Updation of demographic details in Aadhaar.
  • Permanent Enrolment Centres (PECs) for enrolling new Aaadhaar numbers (50 PECs are being setup at Block level. As on date 32 are made operational. For remaining, necessary hardware is being procured.
  • MC Shimla Water Bill Collection.
  • MC Shimla House Tax Collection.
  • Jail Varta-Prisoner Relative Video Conferencing System.
  • Farmer Portal-Registration,Feedback.

G2C Transaction Status through LMKs
(Transactions amounting to Rs 1,93,52,83,491/- recorded from 1st Apr, 2017 to 30th June,2018)
Total 3668 CSC/VLE are operational.

Service Name Transaction Count Bill Amount
HPSEBL 3801662 1861035891
IPH 114904 54691641
Land Records 1605577 2799132
HPSSC 2402 650940
MC Water 4511 11909833
MC Tax 2965 4196053
HPSEBL 228689 134765015
IPH 9099 4560211
Land Records 133620 228303
MC Water 45 342143
MC Tax 337 333276