Covid 19 Apps

Activities under taken during the year 2019-20

IT initiatives during the Covid-19 lockdown

Department of Information playing its part by developing and implementing various IT Applications to facilitate the citizens and administration during the Corona lockdown. The idea of these Apps is to maintain social distancing and contactless services amongst the public and even within Government. The Government at various levels is using the technology platforms provided by the department for information gathering, monitoring and decision- making in an efficient manner. Till now, following applications have been rolled out across the State of Himachal:

  1. Covid19 Integrated Portal ( )
  2. Covid Government Orders ( )
  3. Covid Curfew ePass ( )
  4. Covid Quarantine App ( )
  5. Law & Order Monitoring & Reporting System (
  6. Health Inventory ( )
  7. Fake News Portal ( )
  8. Donation (
  9. COVID-19 ePass Verification App (Android based QR Code scanning app)
  1. COVID19 Integrated Portal: Consolidated repository for COVID19 related information, applications and portals developed by the State IT Department for the use of Citizens and Government Officials.
  2. Covid Government Orders: It provides a common place for all Government Orders, Advisories and Media Bulletins to avoid any misinformation or rumours. It has facility to Secretariat and District Level Officers to upload Covid-19 related notifications at a single place to make them available to the citizens. The application was developed in just one day and rolled out on 27th March, 2020. More than 504 order/ notifications/ advisories are already available on the portal.
  3. Covid Curfew ePass: The contactless services provide facility to citizens apply online for Curfew Pass and District Administration to issue the Pass online. No physical interaction required at any level and applicants gets ePass online over a link sent through SMS. The initial version of the application was developed in 2 days and made available to the public on 29th March, 2020. The newer version of the application was made live on 1st May, 2020. Newer version has also the functionality to apply for ePasses for inter-state movement. It also has a facility to register migrants who want to come into Himachal Pradesh or want to go out from HImachal. Already more than 5,98,448 (4,75,529 in older version and 140919 in the newer version) applications have been received and about 2,28,584 (1,57,990 in older version and 70594 in the newer version) ePasses have been issued after security and verification by district administration.
  4. Covid Quarantine App: This application has been developed to keep record of the quarantined persons, assign a Health Worker to each quarantined person, to track the violation of quarantined location by Covid-19 suspects and generate alerts in case of violations. Corona Mukt Himachal Mobile App is also a part of this system which is to be installed on the mobile phone of quarantines person. It has the facility of locking the quarantine location so that alerts are generated in case of violations. The is application was also developed in 2 days and made available to Health Department on 27th March, 2020. The training of Health officials (NHM, DSOs & BMOs) was done by Department of IT at Districts and Block levels through Video Conference. The data of about 5012 quarantined persons has already been entered.
  5. Law & Order Monitoring & Reporting System: This application is for monitoring Law & Order related issues across the State. It provides facility to SPs and Police Stations to upload Law & Order related information, as desired by MHA GoI, and consolidate the same on the portal and make the same available to State Government, DGP, SPs and SHOs. Each Police Station is required to report Law & Order related status on the portal 4 times a day (6 hourly report daily) containing number of violations of Lockdown/ Curfew, arrests made, vehicles seized, FIRs registered, fines imposed and Law & Order incidents reported.
  6. Health Inventory: Portal for use by Health Department Officials to maintain inventory Isolation/ Quarantine facilities in the State and stock of critical items in these facilities like Masks, PPE Kits, Ventilators and Beds availability at Isolation/ Quarantine facilities set by GoHP. The inventory stock of 186 Quarantine facilities and 34 institutes is being maintained on the daily basis.
  7. Fake News Portal: An initiative by State Government to protect Citizens from misinformation/rumors during this sensitive time. This portal provides list of fake news identified by Fake News Monitoring Unit of GoHP. Citizens can also report probable fake news in Newspapers/TV/Digital or Social Media, if the monitoring unit finds the news to be fake after verification, the news gets listed on the portal.
  8. Donation: Functionality on the CM portal to donate to the Himachal Pradesh COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund in a secure way to Contribute to the State of Himachal Pradesh’s efforts to respond to the Corona Pandemic. The fund enables the Government to send essential supplies like PPEs, food and medicines to those in need.
  9. COVID-19 ePass Verification App (Android based QR Code scanning app):
    The QR Code Scanning ePasses mobile app has been developed and provided to police persons at inter-state barriers to verify the validity of ePasses by scanning QR codes on ePasses issued by DCs. The data immediately syncs with the server and police personnel are not required to maintain manual records. This app ensures that data is captured quickly and there are no long queues at the barriers. Data of people entering/ exiting Himachal becomes available to the concerned authorities on ePass portal.

Apart from above applications, department is actively involved in facilitating the video conference of Hon’ble CM with DCs from time to time, which takes place almost on daily basis at 4PM. In order to encourage social distancing within the department, extensive use of e-Office for file processing, for Skype for meetings and Social Media for communications is being done by the staff.