SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway Services have been started in Himachal Pradesh by Department of Information Technology, Government of Himachal Pradesh.

A Mobile Services Delivery Gateway (MSDG) was conceptualized by DIT. The objective of creating MSDG is to create government?wide shared infrastructure and services to enable the rapid and inexpensive development, mainstreaming and deployment of m?Gov services. The e-SMS Gateway is a part of the MSDG. MSDG is a set of component gateways that interconnect the National Service Delivery Gateway (NSDG) and State Service Delivery Gateways (SSDG) with the telecommunications industry in India.

The task of creation of MSDG is entrusted to Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC). e?SMS is the official SMS?platform for the Government of India. It is an exclusive SMS Gateway and a part of the Mobile Service Delivery Gateway (MSDG) and serves the department as a national gateway for officials in G2G and G2C communications.

There will be two types of facilities available for sending the SMS. These facilities will be as under:

  1. Facility to send bulk messages to group of users (citizens or Government Employees) in one step. This facility may be utilized for sending notices for the meeting and information to general public.?
  2. Facility to send SMSs regarding the specific service to individual users (citizens or Government Employees) as per requirement.

There will be facility of storing the Mobile numbers and message templates in the application which is available online on the internet.

For the detailed procedure regarding operation of this service click here?