Hospital Management Information System 

                                       HMIS project is a state initiative to provide better health services to the Citizens of Himachal Pradesh. The scope of the project includes computerisation of the routine activities of the hospital and to keep track of patient record/ Medical history right from his registration to his discharge/ leaving the Hospital. The database is also useful for doctors from the research point of view. Disease surveillance can be done using the reports of this software.  IGMC is among the few health institution in the country where such system has been implemented. IT Department is helping Health department to roll out the project in 20 other hospitals of the state.

 Benefits to the Citizens:  HMIS would have following benefits for the citizens:

  1. Medical History of the patients is being maintained through this application which would help the doctors to treat the patients
  2. Citizens are getting better services as the OPD slips are being issued in  respective OPDs as against one counter previously
  3. All the record related to the patient treatment/ diagnosis/ etc is being fed into the system
  4. Various reports need by the HODs/ IGMC administration are available instantly which used to take even 15-20 days.